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My Autographed Pix **Adding More Images In The Near Future**

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These pictures below are from the generosity of these individuals who take the time to respond to my requests. They are all extremely busy at their careers & they take 5 minutes out of their lives to send me their autographed picture(s) & Letters, I thank you all so very much & all the very best!
Peggy Bunker
Tanya Memme
Robin Meade CNN Atlanta
Andrea Jackson
Melissa Bell (WBZ4TV Boston)
Amanda Walsh's Letter
Amanda Walsh
Leslie Segrete #1 Pic
Bob Cole #1 Pic
Bob Cole #2 Pic
Don Cherry
Claire MacKenzie (CBC Halifax)
Dave Weckell
Ed Shaugnessy
Ed Shaugnessy's Letter
Emme (Supermodel)
Jaime Edmondson
Jennifer York
Giselle Fernandez (KTLA)
Sharon Tay (KTLA)
Bob Barker
Heather Kahn
Kam Carmen (WJBKtv Fox2 Detroit)
Kam Carmen's Letter
Kenny Aronoff
Linda Kelly (CBC Halifax)
Paul Gross (Actor)
Rebecca Rankin (Reporter/Actress)
Rebecca's Letter #1
Rebecca's Letter #2
Al Roker (NBC New York)
Ronnie Tutt ** Played drums for Elvis Presley from 1969, until Elvis's death in 1977. **
Tom Selleck (Actor, Magnum P.I.)
Paul Shaffer
Tom Snyder
Leslie Segrete #2 Pic
Rudi Bahtiar (CNN Atlanta)
Alexandra Paul

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