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First & Foremost A salute to my favorite drummer of alltime... Nicko McBrain! He is the greatest influence on me & my drumming. I'm still working on his Autographed picture hopefully someday I will get one! To You Nicko, Thanks for having a huge impact on me & my Drumming & Keep on Rockin! Click On Image below for larger pic... I don't know where I got this, but its a wonderful picture!

Nicko McBrain

My Buddy Animal, He "Animal" Looks Like Me After A Gig! *lol* Click On The Videos Below & Enjoy, He's Too Funny & I Love Animal!

Click On Thumbnail To View Full Size Image

Me On The Drums Pix **New Pictures Taken of me on my drums, In Our Drum Studio & Outdoors Shots**

  • My Drums Equipment List...
    • Cymbals: Sabian, (18 Cymbals) & (1 Pearl 20"Ride Cymbal) Total Cymbals - 19 & Counting...
    • Drums: 1988 Pearl Export Series: 12" Tom, 13" Tom, (2)-14"-Snares-, 16" floor Tom, 22" Bass Drum. (6pc), Tama Swingstar: 8" Tom, 10" Tom, 14" Tom. (3pc) All exact color match.
    • Sticks: (American Classic) 5B Drumsticks (Nylon Tip)
    • Drumheads: Evans CAD/CAM Oil Filled, except snare, I use Remo Ambassador drumheads.
    • Hardware: Pearl, Tama, Gibraltar hardware, double-bass pedals on bassdrum. (Some cymbal stands are the same cymbal stands since I started back in 1982... you can tell by the Red cymbal stands in the pictures... I Can't part with them too many memories associated with them. So I'll use them till they give up & I'll retire them! *s*
    • Toys,Stuff: Rythum-maker Tamborines, LP Percussion Cowbells, Woodblocks, Neary Drum Tuning Equip, & Various Drum Electronics.
    • My Drum Seat: Dixon Heavy Duty Drumseat with back support.

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