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My Newswomen Gallery **Adding More Images In The Near Future**

Pictures Of Wonderful, beautiful Newsladies from different TV and news stations from all over United States, Canada and the world. *s* (Just Click On The Picture Thumbnail to view larger pic).

Each Newslady listed here & Info changes regulary because they move on to other commitments & careers, so the info listed here might not exactly mean they are still with these TV/Radio stations.

Carol Costello (CNN Atlanta)
Christy Paul (CNN Atlanta)
Erika Hill (CNN Atlanta)
Robin Meade (CNN Atlanta)
Liz Cho (WABC New York)
Linda Stouffer (CNN Atlanta)
Melissa Bell Autographed Picture (WBZ4 Boston)
Rudi Bahtiar (CNN Atlanta)
Angie Poe
Katja Retsin (Europe)
Giselle Fernandez
Sharon Tay
Carol Miller (WNEW New York)
Kam Carmen (WJBK Fox2 Detroit)
Pernille ???????
Cristina Mandonza (KXTV)
Dana Grace
Jackie Guerrido
DaniŽlle Overgaag
Daran Kagan (CNN Atlanta)
Dixie Whatley (WCVB Boston)
Jennifer York
Jerusha Geelhoed (Europe)
Heather Kahn
sacha (2NOSjournaal)
Sara Underwood (WBZ4TV Boston)
Sonia Ferrer
Tracie Savage
Gretchen Carr
Janib Abreu (WABC New York)
Dorothy Krysiuk (Fox 29 Philadelphia PA.)
Karen Anderson (WBZ4TV Boston)
Carmen Dominicci (univision)
Sharyl Attkisson (CBS News)
Alexis Glick (CNBC)
Rebecca Rankin (VH1 New York)
Melissa Theuriau(France)
Andrea Jacson (Daily Buzz)
Barbara Bermudo (univision)
Paula Ebben (WBZ4TV Boston)
Stephanie Fisher
Linda Kelly (CBC Halifax)
Claire MacKenzie (CBC Halifax)
Peggy Bunker

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