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To My Father... Harry, 1929 - 2002, Who Passed away April 25th, 2002. Thanks dad for being there for me all my life. I will always remember you for as long as I Live, Rest in Peace dad. I Love You & I Miss You & I will see you someday when I leave this earth, until then rest in eternal peace father. Your Son, ~~ Leslie ~~

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The World Trade Center, New York... 1973-2001.

Feel free to browse my website, Alot of work went into this site for everyone to see. Navigate with the links to the left & enjoy! I strongly advise you to check out FDNY, NYPD, NYNJPA (New York, New Jersey Port Authority) websites also.

My all-time favorite show MAGNUM P.I., this is a picture of Higgins & The Lads (Zeus & Apollo). I have a write-up on my About Me Page, Check it out.

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